Belcolade is a major international chocolate manufacturer for the professional market, producing top quality Belgian couverture chocolate. Belcolade people are passionate about chocolate and addicted to quality.
The history of Belcolade can be defined as short, but fast growing. Although Belcolade is a relative young company (less than 20 years old), it has already proven to be a real challenger in the professional chocolate market.
Belcolade is the only Belgian owned company manufacturing couverture chocolate. Production is based on the tradition of true Belgian craftsmanship which resulted in Belcolade's present number 2 position in the worldwide professional market of high quality chocolate.
Our mission is to be the leaders in value added chocolate for the professional market of high quality chocolate.

We will achieve this goal by focusing on a superior quality of Belgian chocolate, a dedicated and flexible customer approach and continuous product innovation.
In fact, Belcolade is recognized as the company giving new life to the image of authentic Belgian chocolate. For Belcolade, manufacturing real Belgian chocolate is an Art

1. The Art of perfectly blending first class cocoas with pure cocoa butter to obtain the delicious Belgian flavours.
2. The Art of achieving the delicate balance between sweetness and bitterness
3. The Art of producing a wide range of varieties in the true tradition of Belgian craftsmanship.

Belcolade has been awarded the Higher Level Certificate of Conformity by EFSIS. Furthermore, Belcolade obtained the BRC (British Retail Consortium) accreditation which includes a HACCP system in order to guarantee absolute food safety.

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