Fugar Produzione

Fugar's precise target is to supply its Customers with high technological products that still maintain the tradition and nature of it. In other words, to keep entirely and wholly unchanged the natural freshness of the products supplied by nature, in order to ease the artisan during chefs' daily job. Fugar implements means, methods and raw materials which enhance quality. Together with advanced technology, in each step, co-operates a team of people able to carry on the project as far as it definition and launch on the market. Everything is subject to a constant monitoring to guarantee high quality, which since always has been one of the major standards of Fugar's ethic code, and to which daily all Fugar organization refers.
The choral consent gained by Fugar products in these years has highly gratified all FUGAR GROUP motivating it, as if it had been necessary, to continue along the high quality line which,

jointly to the constant search for improvement, has distinguished for long time its work: always high level and new products, aimed only to match more and more our customers' needs, granting the absolute appropriateness of raw materials used.
Fugar Wants to continue operating in the market with correctness, coherence and professionalism engaging all daily's activities in full RESPECT of Quality Manual and pertinent ISO 9001:2000 procedures, aiming to excellence in all Company's practicalities.

Range of products
1- Flavorings
2- Semifreddo and mousse
3- Custard and chocolate
4- Variegato and fillings
5- Line classic
6- Line millegusti
7- Line fruit
8- Dry fruits
9- Stabilizers for ice cream
10- Miscellaneous for pastry
11- Miscellaneous for ice cream

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