Patis France

For more than 60 years, PatisFrance customers have seen the brand as synonymous with innovation, quality and choice. It has always striven to give them the continuing satisfaction and complete confidence of using only high-quality ingredients which are totally authentic and on top of the latest patisserie trends. PatisFrance core ambition is to work with patisseries and providing them with innovative high quality products to inspire them and help them seduce their customers. Passion, inspiration, authenticity, dynamism and creativity are the values behind the PatisFrance brand, which has its roots in the rich french patisserie culture. By placing quality at the service of pleasure, our aim is to help patissiers to offer taste sensations which will delight and enchant their customer' taste buds.

Progressively, PatisFrance has widened its operations to more than 60 countries on five continents. This has allowed us to become a privileged partner combining quality with professionalism and tradition with innovation. PatisFrance: a real source of seduction...

Range of products:

1. Glazes
2. Fondants
3. Fruit and cream fillings
4. Flavouring preparations
5. Cake, sponge, chou, mousse and entremets mixes
6. Custard cream mixes
7. Pralinés and derivates
8. Almond based products
9. Dried fruits & Nuts
10. Canned fruits
11. Mini fruits
12. Alcoholized fruits
13. Candied fruits
14. Chocolate and derivates
15. Essentials

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