Puratos solutions capture innovation in ways that help you build your business. They are the result of extensive bakery, patisserie and chocolate expertise, combined with a thorough knowledge of customers’ processes and objectives. Emphasizing on the bakery section, Puratos tend to help bakers grow and improve themselves with higher quality products; Puratos offer a convenient, reliable and flexible solution by establishing a wide range of myriad products and by creating ingredients and technologies that increase the tolerance and reliability of specific processes.

Such products and solutions are:

1- Bread Improvers

2- Improvers for frozen bakery products
3- Bakery bases and mixes (omega3, Fiber+, Pan-o-col…)
4- Emulsifiers
5- Enzymes
6- Flavors & Sourdoughs ( to reduce fermentation time without loss of flavor)
7- Yeast
8- O-tentic

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