Moulding line 275


Moulding line 275

Moulding line 275

Molding Line 275

Automatic loader for filling, vibrating polycarbonate molds and production of solid and hollow chocolate products
Mold size 275 x 175 mm
Option to modify to three-phase 220 V - 50/60 Hz

The machine needs to work in combination with a TOP EX tempering machine. The complete system has extremely compact dimensions without sacrificing productivity: about 6 molds/minute for chocolate shells and solid bodies. This machine allows the operator to choose between two types of different processes after the filling of the mold through the perforated injection plate. If one wants to produce the shells the machine flips over the mold, vibrates it, and brings it back to its original
position. Obviously the chocolate spilled during the flipping is automatically directed into the tank of the tempering machine. The process for the production of solid bodies (tablets, napolitaines etc ..) is much simpler: in this case the bodies, after the filling and subsequent vibration to evenly distribute the chocolate inside it, are directly expelled, just like its predecessors, into the connected tunnel.
With this type of machine we recommend the combination of a TANK200 / 400 kg with a level sensor to cater to the high productivity of the machine.

• Needs to be connected to a compressed air

Technical data
Electric specification: 400 V three-phase 50 Hz
Power required: 2 Kw - 16 A - 5 poles
Hourly production rate: 250-300 molds
Works with a mould of standard size: 275 x 175 mm
Dimensions: h. 1700 mm, w. 2350 mm, d. 1000 mm (d. 1500 mm with Top Ex)

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