Moulding line 275


Moulding line 275

Productivity 480 mouldes/hour approx

Dimensions 2160mm x 1060mm x h 1455mm

Consumption 380 V, 50Hz. 4,5 Kw

Total weight 1000 Kg.

The Moulding line 275 works exclusively combined to a Top EX continuos tempering machine. In its reduced dimensions the machine has a productivity of about 8 shells or filled moulds/minute.

In the process the Moulding line 275 will fill the moulds trough a diffusor followed by a vibration system and a series of heated scrapers (that will clean the moulds

from chocolate excess). The moulds as ready could be pushed directly into a cooling tunnel if connected. Whether the production requires shells instead of making simple fully filled moulds, the Moulding line

275 will automatically flip the moulds, vibrating and scraping them to bring them back again to their original position. All the chocolate excess is conveyed directly in to the

Top EX’s tank.

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