Roaster Centosei


Roaster Centosei

Roaster Centosei

Technical Data:

Roasting Capacity:       From 0.5 to 6kg

Roasting Time:             10-15 minutes for coffee /5 8minutes for dired fruits.

Dimensions:                  (H * D * W) 740 * 1560 * 1040 mm

Weight:                          160kg

Maxi Roster works in a continuous cycle if automatic processing as it can roast 40kg of coffee or fried fruit per hour, it uses an original air cyclone system (vertiflow patent,) technique for roasting coffee, hazelnuts, almonds and pistachios. The machine has a number of programs which control the heating temperature of the air used for roasting which identifies the correct roasting time, cooling time, and the final automatic discharge of the products.

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