Passionata Vegetable Cream


Passionata Vegetable Cream


The Perfect Solution "Passionata Vegetable Cream" From Puratos Superior technical performance, versatility, profitability, nutritional benefits, great taste and all the sensory qualities customers expect.

The alternative of a diary Cream with 17% fat and tastes like a blend of 50/50 diary and none diary cream. It is
a unique product that holds unique characteristics:

1-    A non-dairy cream  that tastes like a blend  of 50% fresh dairy cream + 50% non-dairy cream
2-    1L Passionata is 20% Greater Volume than 50/50 (Diary cream + non diary cream)
3-    Contains only 17% total fat compared to other non-dairy cream and dairy cream fat content
4-    Ready for whipping after 12 hours of cooled place storage (between 5-8°C)

Passionata Vegetable Cream represents Taste, Stability, Yield, Tolerance, and smoothness "Quality" The 5 most impo

ortant criteria Patisseries all around
desire in a none diary cream.

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