Old French Buche



Tegral Sponge

1kg Tegral Sponge Puratos
10g Arome Vanille PatisFrance

750g Eggs
200g Water

Decovite Cream

1kg Decovite Puratos
20g Trablit PatisFrance
250g Praline 50% PatisFrance

Tegral Sponge

Mix all ingredients together 1 minute on low speed and 6 minutes on high speed. Put 750g in a 40*60cm tray and bake at 220°C for 6 minutes.

Cream Decovit

Mix all ingredients together in the machine with a whisk for 4 minutes on high speed.


Place the sponge on a 40*60cm tray. Add the Decovit cream and roll. Freeze for 2 hours minimum, and decorate with cream.

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