Roaster/ Maxi Roaster


Roaster/ Maxi Roaster

Maxi Roaster is designed to work on a continuous cycle of automatic processing. It has a tank capacity of 2 or 6 Kg and can roast from 50 Kg of coffee or dried fruit per hour. It uses an original and exclusive air cyclone system (vertiflow® patent), a versatile technique for the roasting of coffee, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios and any other appropriate product. The machine has a number of programs which control the heating temperature, the roasting time, the cooling time and the final automatic discharge of the products. The programs can be personalized to obtain the desired grade of roasting each time.

Technical Data:


Roasting machine:


Maxi Roaster

Tank Capacity

2 kg

6 kg


Circular ceramic resistor

Circular ceramic resistor

Program Controlling

Digital system

Digital system

Roasting time

Nuts from 8-15 minutes

Nuts from 8-15 minutes

Dimensions (HxWxD)

740x1340x900 mm

1100x800x1550 mm


120 kg

220 kg

Roasting Machine

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