Mimetic 32

Animal and Vegetable Fats

Mimetic 32


Unique advantages of Mimetic to…

... Improve your viennoisserie

• A crispy, flaky perfect bite.

• A melting texture in the mouth.

• A distinctive outside layering with a golden crust.

• An intensive flavor and taste.

… Boost your business

• Top quality products.

• More economical than butter.

• Easy to laminate.

• Storage between 4°- 20°C.

• Can be used in direct and frozen processes.

The Real Butter Replacer by Puratos

 Mimetic from Puratos is an exceptional butter alternative specially developed for laminated products.

It’s based on a careful selection of ingredients, a rich tradition of sourdoughs, and years of experience in bakery applications and crystallization technology.


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