Mimetic Incorporation Carton 4x2.5kg EU


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Mimetic Incorporation Sheets 

MIMETIC is Puratos’ best plant-based butter alternative. It is a unique, plant-based specialty fat allowing chefs to create deliciously tasting bakery and patisserie goods with the same melting experience as butter but much easier to work with and more cost-efficient than butter. To replace butter AND to upgrade margarine-made products (1-1 replacement). It results from years of R&D and bakers’ expertise and know-how.


  • It is a specialty fat providing an indulgent buttery sensation

  • 100% plant-based

  • 100% additive free

  • Superior quality of end-products (croissants, danish, puff pastries, cakes, soft dough, cookies, shortcrust)

  • Convenience: ease of use, great workability, excellent plasticity, cost-efficient

  • Approved for industrial lines (1-on-1 replacement in the recipe) and in the artisanal method

  • Works in direct, frozen, and long shelf-life processes

  • In line with consumer needs (taste, freshness, and health)

  • Allows nutritional and sustainable claims on packaging, incl. plant-based claims

If up to 40% of a recipe is fat, choosing the right fat for your creations is key. Mimetic is a unique combination of carefully selected ingredients (vegetable oil and sourdough) and a lot of formulation know-how.