Power Flower Azo Colorkit

Food Colorings and Sprays

Power Flower Azo Colorkit


4 Different Colors * 50g

Power flowers are a revolutionary method to color your chocolate and cocoa butter. Using this kit of 4 colors you can create every color imaginable simply by combining Simply by combining different power flowers using the color master as your guide for any fat based product your choice. 

Power fully concentrated because of their concentrated power (40% pigment), only a few power flowers are sufficient to color

400g of chocolate.


1- Choose your color on the color master and put the (quantity combination) power flower petals, as indicated on the color master, in a bowl.

2- Measure a multiple of 400g white (or milk) chocolate.

3- Pour 1/4th of the melted chocolate over the power flowers in the bowl.

4- Wait 1 to 2 minutes until the power flowers are completely dissolved.

br> 5- Add the remaining 3/4th of the chocolate and mix.

6- Temper your colored chocolate if needed.

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