Soft'r Alpaga BP Carton 20Kg (FZE)

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High performance powder improver for the production of yeast raised bakery items with a soft crust, soft crumb and improved freshness during the whole shelf life. 

How to use:

Dosage: 1% on total flour weight


  • A multi-purpose improver based on unique emulsifier and enzyme systems directly produced by Puratos.
  • Developed to improve the texture of soft buns and breads.
  • Formulated to avoid variations.
  • Kosher Pareve COR322.
  • BRC Global Standard Certification.
  • Offers crumb structure according to your own preferences.

More details:

  • Makes crumbs even meltier
  • Tailors freshness to the length of your supply chain
  • Typically applied in lean recipes such as toast bread, hamburger buns, hot dogs, soft rolls…  


Carton 20Kg