Tegral Satin Crème Cake BP Bag 15Kg


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All purpose cake mix producing an endless variety of cakes & muffins with a very moist crumb and delicious taste.

Product description

Mix to produce American style crème cakes and slice lines.


How to use

Usage rate / recipe:

Satin Crème Cake Mix: 1Kg, 

Eggs: 350g, 

Vegetable Oil: 300g, 

Water: 225g


Application / method: 

 Place Satin Creme Cake Mix in a mixing bowl fitted with a beater. Combine egg, oil and water. Add liquids to bowl and mix for 2 minutes slow and 3 minutes at medium speed. Add filling as desired, and scale into tins. Bake at 190°C / 375°F for approximately 35 minutes, depending on size and variation.



Easy to use.

Consistency in results for the final product.

Authentic flavor.


Store in a dry place (R.H.: max 65%) between 5 - 25 °C

Shelf Life Up to: 14 Months

Weight: 15 Kg Bag