Tegral Donut BP Bag 15Kg


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    Product description

      A specially designed mix to facilitate the process of donut making. Offers multi-sensory experience to your customers

    How to use

     Usage rate / recipe:


    Tegral Donut Mix1000 
    Instant dry yeast30

    Application / method:


    1. Mix for 3 mins. at speed 1 in a spiral mixer.
    2. Mix for 10 mins at speed 2 in a spiral mixer.
    3. Allow bulk fermentation by resting for 15 mins.
    4. Do sheeting and cutting as per desired size and shape.
    5. Proof for 30mins in a proofer with 85% humidity and 40°C temperature
    6. Deep fry: ( Oil Temperature-170°C-180°C)


    • Complete mix for Donut
    • Convenience: Add only Yeast and Water
    • Amazing Short bite
    • Less oily donut
    • Consistent product


    Store in a dry cool place   

    Properly close the packaging after each use.

    Shelf Life Up to: 6 Months

    Weight: 15 Kg  Bag